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Neutrinos social groups – Where Friends of The Bear Gather


Be respectful of all members. If there is a problem, please bring it to the attention of the bear. Please do not ever take it to the boards.

Please don’t use my Den as a place to solicit new members for your own group.  It is unethical, unkind and unappreciated.

Sexy is fine as long as they exhibit “Modesty” and “Class.” No trashy looking poses. This includes member’s personal siggies as well.   Management reserves the right to delete any post, text or graphic that is deem to be unacceptable. No questions asked.

Out of consideration please keep your personal siggies at reasonable file sizes for faster loading.  Absolute max. file size for personal siggies will be 350KB.  Anything  larger than that may be deleted if it is determined to be the cause of problems.  Please do not confuse file size of image with physical size.

We are adults in here and adult humor and language is acceptable, within reason. Ordinary, everyday “cuss words” are okay, but leave the hard core stuff at home. Thanks

Please don’t ever post your Email address on any of these message boards. It will be deleted when found. It puts your computer at risk for hacking. This also includes phone numbers and any other personally identifiable information. Protection of yourself and your computer is totally in your hands.


When you join, please come in and say hello and introduce yourself on the General Board.

With that said, let us all get to know each other and most of all, have fun!!

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Thanks……..the Bear.


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