Children of The Dragon

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The Golden Dragon
Alderon called and the valkyrie came
Gathered the winds feeding the flame
The golden dragon of old let loose his breath
My white knight rallied to stand his final test
He’d been at my side before the time of my birth
There is nothing to measure the extent of his worth
Now in a moment of thought expressed in rhyme
Alderon called, my white knight crossed the line
I’d known in my heart that this day would come
Now it’s come and it’s gone, my white knight’s with the one
The golden dragon of old now hosts my white knight
I’ll hold them both sweetly past these tears I now fight
I know of their existence beyond fiery flame
Now dancing on moonbeams in their own playful game
I can call them to me in a memorable thought
I now hold the faith that my white knight had bought
Alderon, speak softly when you call on my name
I’ll go without question to my white knight again
The valkyrie all know me as their sister of love
The golden dragon of old holds my light high above
One in the fires soon dampened by rain
Becoming whole with my white knight just past this pain
Alderon knows of this time that I speak
The golden dragon of old, one day I shall greet
‘Til then, dear white knight, be you at peace
I’ll keep you smiling within this golden fleece
That I’ve laid on a cloud over Alderon’s door
I pray you remember, you’ll see me once more

Lady AmehanaRainStarDragon

©The Angel Productions December 3/2008

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  1. Dear Children of The Crystal Generation

    I have been here since 1950 heralding the awakening of your Inner Dragons. Here we hope that you will embark on an exciting inner voyage of discovery.

    Let your Dragon Spirit Guides fly.

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