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Please assist us in getting through another cold winter in Schumacher.




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Janet A. Stevenson

Managing Editor – The Angel Media



It seemed to be a good idea at the time. The house next door to ours had been sitting vacant for much of 2016, after being abandoned by its owners. Later that same year, in November, Clyde Newman and I were in a position to purchase the property,
not so much with an eye to its potential as an investment property but, rather, to its possibilities as a bridge for others we knew whose circumstances had left them without even a roof over their heads. Since our arrival in Timmins in 2004 and the founding of Project Warm Heart in 2005, we’d come to know quite a number of people who needed, at the very least, safe and affordable accommodation – men and women who were either couch surfing or who were occupying back yard sheds or vacated houses which were without heat or hydro.

In November of 2016, winter was fast approaching. Having been in similar circumstances ourselves, there was really no discussion. Providing rooms for down-on-their-luck individuals was something we felt we could continue to do in our “retirement” years to, hopefully, help them back onto their feet.

By spring 2017 we had assisted over 20 souls.

In the fall of 2018 we had to consider disconnecting from our own home due to financial shortcomings. Our mission was to always put the people before ourselves and of course the furbabies came before anyone else. “Do unto the least.”

Well here we are, officially fall of 2019. Myself, Clyde and all of the furbabies along with our long time survivor, Chrissy Passaw, have relocated ourselves to 111 Croatia. You can count on us having hot coffee, stew and a mattress for anyone left on the streets of Schumacher this winter.

Winter is coming early this year. We suggest you bundle up.