Welcome to all my precious blooms


I AM artwork in progress – I see such beauty ad mist the debris and I want to utilise it and make it into a masterpiece people may see it as an abstract or perhaps not – a facet of me they will not know – I am whole like an egg and it is plain to see – perhaps the yoke is on me – never fear a dish of delight you can make from an egg perhaps a little scrambled , omelette or a quiche or perhaps a sweet – life is a recipe sometimes by flaw other times by the book – have fun enjoy a Labyrinth and a maize – my inner child and my creativeness- a mother a gran a singer and poet a gardener a nurse a wife and I converse – I gather bouquets sown by friendships and I love such diversity – I am what I am and so much more when you open the door I have a big heart and a smile sweet and yet I err and tomorrow I shall rise and have another opportunity to learn

I yearned to travel the world and a dream it did seem and yet in my surroundings and in reality I did not need to check in all I had to do is login – and here as I reflect and ask myself who I am

I am the Image that I project and mirror so and I see many reflections

And as I grow and set about the day I see my shadow and I see my light – and I thank the Universe for all the gifts that I have encountered along my way

Some to cherish some to hold deep and some to put away for a rainy day – I still see the world even amongst the woe –

I know

Each person has a loving soul

And in some the ember dim just needs a little air

To ignite it so it can flare

With desire and passion

I know I came from seeds of the past handed down

And I grow from the present moment as I seek

I know who I am

But best of all


© Copyright: Amazonmum 25 September 2014